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The table shows daily statistics of responses with the NXDOMAIN status from five .pl domain secondary name servers.
Results in the table are updated daily and relate to data collected from previous day.

The individual columns contain the following information:
  1. column "number of queries" - represents the total number of responses with NXDOMAIN status collected from servers within 24h.
  2. column "number of domain names" - the number of unique domain names contained in server responses.
  3. column "correct domain" - represents the percentage of domain names wich meet the requirements of RFC 1034 and RFC 1035 in relation to the total number of domain names.
  4. column "prohibited signs" - shows the percentage of:
    • domain names containing prohibited characters (not meeting the criteria set by RFC 1034 and RFC 1035) in relation to the total number of domain names.
    • queries about the type SRV record containing characters not allowed in relation to the total number of queries that contain prohibited characters.
  5. column "change in the number of queries" - provides daily, weekly and monthly change in the amount of responses.

Statistics of number NXDOMAIN responses  (2014-08-08)
Total number of queries Number of domain names Correct domain prohibited signs change in the number of queries
all SRV day week month
608049694183260299.84 %0.15 %0.03 %???

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